Foreign Service Retirees Association of Florida:  FSRA-FL
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Welcome to FSRA-FL

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We gather, learn, forge new bonds and plan 
adventures in some wonderful places! Come join us!
University Park Country Club (Sarasota)  FSRA Lunch - Jan 17, 2020
Fred and Kathleen Cook, Jocelyn Baskey
Ambassador Eric Rubin (AFSA)
Paula Jakub (AFSPA, SLF), Mike Boorstein, Ambassador Eric Rubin (AFSA)
Frank and Liz Breuer, Dennis Reese and Mathilda Sutter
Addison Richmond, Warrington “Pete” Brown, Ruth Godfrey-Sigler, Ray and Marylou Morton, Ken Yamashita, Wade Matthews, Patricia Oxley and Frank Young, Magda and Ford Cooper, Ted Dieffenbacher, Ambassador Jim Walsh, Marian Walsh
Richard Getze, Bob Kegley, Kibby Jorgensen
Kay Day, Nivea and Bob Ribera
Richard Getz, Walter Shepherd, Deborah Lindsey, Kibby Jorgensen, Ilma and Larry Farris, Linda Olesen, Maggie Dowling, Fred Armand
Safety Harbor FSRA Lunch - Sept 20, 2019
Speaker Maya Burke with 
FSRA coordinator Wayne Rychak
Michael Boorstein, FSRA Chair with Speaker Maya Burke
Ed Wilson, Joan Wilson and  Kibby Jorgensen
Event Photos
Safety Harbor Resort & Spa, Tampa Bay
Joan Zerolis, Kermit and Sarah Moh, Chuck Angulo, Dennis Reese, Jeff Olesen, Bob and Nivea Ribera, Maggie Dowling